The current outbreak of the novel coronavirus i.e COVID-19 has made governments around the globe shut down businesses to contain the pandemic. In particular, the Nigerian government is actively enforcing social distancing and the ban on social gatherings to help curb the spread of the virus and reduce the burden of the pandemic on our fragile public healthcare system. However, healthcare practitioners across primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities must be trained to understand the transmission pattern, severity, clinical features and risk factors for infection of COVID-19, irrespective of the ban on social gatherings. 

In view of the above, OTRAC has developed a customized digital COVID-19 capacity-building package for frontline health care workers to support the government’s effort in curbing and containing the pandemic. 

The underlying vision of OTRAC is to build a learning platform that supports the continuous professional development of all healthcare practitioners and enhance their capacity and knowledge for effective service delivery. 

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